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Most consultants approach their craft and their clients from one of two perspectives; subject–matter expertise or process expertise.  Subject matter experts offer domain knowledge as the focus and value of their efforts.  Proposed recommendations and solutions depend on the expert consultant’s ability to deliver content that is valuable to the client based on varying degrees of discovery and analysis with that client.  In contrast, process consulting assumes domain knowledge but not necessarily domain expertise.  Process consultants guide clients on a journey through diagnostic protocols and techniques so that the team will collaborate and discover the right types of solutions to match with the sponsors’ problems or challenges.


We believe that for growth, both of these tools are essential.  That is why we approach each client engagement with both a systematic problem-solving perspective as well as deep knowledge and expertise in addiction and behavioral health.  Every client is different, and thus their needs are different.  Based on the problem and the client’s unique requirements, industry insights and process approaches can be combined for maximum results.


Manejwala Consulting brings together decades of experience in management consulting and behavioral health consulting to help our clients craft solutions to their problems that are engineered for growth and resiliency. 


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