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The Story of Growth


Manejwala Consulting is a niche firm that focuses on the growth of our health care clients. We also serve the needs of business/commercial clients where our offerings appear to be highly relevant.  We combine elements of behavioral research, management consulting, and a protocol of techniques created and tested to help our clients grow.  We believe multi-generation plans are an essential tool to reliably support a growth agenda.


We believe growth is an action and those businesses expecting to grow simply by running a competent business are essentially employing a strategy of hope.  We all know hope is not a strategy.


We believe that growing an enterprise is very different from starting or running one.


We believe that people, process, and technology make up an enterprise.  However, while many firms focus on technology, we know that tech can be fully exploited only if the people (stakeholders and actors) are harmonized with an effective business process.

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